NuGet – a cool tool for the command line freak

If you’ve been doing IT as long as I have and worked all sorts of different operating systems and software, you come to appreciate different features in different systems. One of the really cool things in Linux is the ability to install something with a package manager. Gentoo for example uses emerge to install something. So, if you want ecplise you enter something like “emerge eclipse” and voilá – you have eclipse.

A very similar tool for Visual Studio has been around for almost 1 year and I just found out: NuGet. Open up PowerShell, execute something like “Install-Package EntityFramework” and presto. Of course no Microsoft-based tool can live without a graphical interface and this is no exception, but I really love the command line.

There are already 2.000+ projects on there and Microsoft is promoting the thing actively as well – just take a look at the ADO.NET Team Blog on Entity Framework 4.1

And if you’re wondering: yes, I did run into it there.


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  1. NuGet is really a fantastic peace of software. I saw it first on Scott Guthrie’s blog. The great thing about using it with VIsual Studio for adding libraries is, that it manages project references and installs the contents at a location that can easily be checked in to your favorite version control system.

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